Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?

Telling the uncomfortable story of “desolate” Tamar positions us to show a kind of compassion King David didn’t. For the past year, I’ve been teaching the Book of Samuel to a group of women at my church. We go through it chapter by chapte

Jesus Gave Me What Boozing and Brawling Couldn’t

My journey from the criminal underworld to the foot of the cross. Six years ago—lost, broken, alone, and suicidal—I was the empty shell of a once-promising rugby player, shuffling around an exercise yard in a London prison. I was a man of

10 Women Who Are Changing the Southern Baptist Response to Abuse

Meet the survivors and advocates whose voices spurred “holy rumblings” in the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. For many years, even as revelations of sexual abuse by clergy had been coming to light for decades in the Catholic church, t

The Heart of the Evangelical Crisis

It’s more fundamental than we’ve been led to believe. With this article, I begin a new column in which I will share reflections on American Christianity, but especially evangelical Christianity. I’ve been embedded in the movement for over f

Welcome to Church. Want to Take a Selfie?

With photo booths for special occasions, Instagram-friendly congregations navigate the tension between sharing faith and showing off. More Americans went to church yesterday, Mother’s Day, than any other day in the past year besides Christmas a

Source: Christianity Today

RE: Rachel Held Evans

Our publishing process was less than perfect. Rachel Held Evans continues to be a force to reckon with even after her untimely death—such is clear after the reactions to John Stonestreet’s tribute that appeared on CT on Monday. We acknowl

My Son Needed the Love of the Church. I Wasn’t Sure It Was Possible.

Including the cognitively disabled in ministry is a chance to live in a cross-shaped way. “NO! I NOT QUIET!” The meltdown began—of course—just as the prayer was starting. My husband grabbed our son Mischa’s hand and left

Who Needs to Hear Proverbs 31 the Most?

The ‘wife of noble character’ is rarely applied to whom it was meant to describe. In recent years, many faithful Christian women have internalized the words of Proverbs 31, but I can’t help wondering with 17th-century Bible commentary autho

Rachel Held Evans Had a Story

“Greg the Apologist” remembers his former student and interlocutor. If Twitter were an Olympic sport, Rachel Held Evans would’ve been a gold medalist. Maybe in the Hall of Fame, if there were one. She bested me in the exchange of short burs