Barnabas Piper Isn't Hiding from His Divorce

The writer, speaker, podcaster, and pastor’s kid opens up about the burdens of watching a marriage die. When we first approached Barnabas Piper about being interviewed for The Calling, his life was already under the microscope. As the son of pastor

In ‘Alien: Covenant,’ the March of Progress Ends in Death

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi franchise is as gruesome as ever—but this time, the horror feels disturbingly human. Note: This review contains major plot spoilers. As a family doctor, I love practicing obstetrics. There is a deep sense of gratitude an

Interview: Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a Trap

The Nebraska senator wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood. During the 2016 presidential race, Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, struck a chord on social media with principled opposition to his party&r

A Local Preacher and a Jailhouse Jesus Freak Brought Me to Faith in Prison

I was sentenced to life for a murder I didn’t commit. But God didn’t forget me. It happened in a blur. One minute we were enjoying a night out, shooting pool. The next thing I knew, we were running from the law—wanted for murder. I&rsqu

Do Children Go to Heaven When They Die?

God’s love for children is clear in Scripture, but the ‘age of accountability’ is harder to find. Several years ago, I took a group of college students to the Amazon basin to share the love of Christ in some remote river communities

Why We Argue Best with Our Mouths Shut

Science reveals the power of being quick to listen and slow to speak. When Tim Keller announced he would be stepping down from his New York City congregation —known for its outreach to the religiously unaffiliated—he shared his thoughts o

Interview: Why the Modern World Is Making Us Miserable

Mark Sayers asks us to look to the Bible’s steadying influence in an era of cultural turmoil. Mark Sayers hears it all the time: Between the election of Donald Trump, Britain’s exit from the European Union, clashes over transgender bathroom u

How Christians See Muslims

Missions experts urge concern for both souls and security. Last December, two Muslim college students visited an upstate New York megachurch as part of an assignment to learn about different faiths. After the service, some congregants shared stories

A Walking Disaster

How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer. As I emerged from the fog of anesthesia, I heard the surgeon informing my wife, Kelly, that our worst fear had improbably come true. “Cancer!?” I interrupted, before falling back in

The Freedom and Chaos of Sola Scriptura

Historian Mark Noll helps unravel the uses and misuses of ‘the Bible alone.’ It’s been a hallmark of Protestantism for 500 years, but what do we mean when we base our faith on “the Bible alone”? Is it even possible to read the B