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What Shocks Russell Moore About COVID-19 Church-State Disputes

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The Christian Backstory of Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protests

How the church played a role in the fight for voting rights.  In April, nine Hong Kong activists were convicted for participating in the pro-democracy Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests. One of those was a Baptist pastor, Chu Yiu-Ming. In

How We Have Forgotten God

Evangelical faith is no longer characterized by its initial passion. The longing to know and love God, to bask in his presence, is core to evangelical life and faith as I understand it. The famous Bebbington quadrilateral describes evangelicals as th

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Four leaders share their vision for what demonstrating pro-life convictions really looks like. The recent debates over anti-abortion legislation advancing in states like Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia—some of the strictest bans in the country,

Why Jesus Couldn’t Do Miracles in His Hometown

The lack of signs and wonders in Nazareth says more about Jesus than about people’s lack of faith. Off the shores of the Philippines, a fisherman discovered a very large, misshapen pearl. It was not pretty. It looked more like an amoeba, with blobs