The Most Uncomfortable Christmas Verse

“But women will be saved by childbearing,” may not mean what you think it means. At first, amid the unmistakable crunch of steel and aluminum, I thought I was the victim. A pang of outrage, a twinge of self-pity. But it quickly dawned on

Is It Too Late for Russell Moore to Say Sorry?

Southern Baptist leader’s critiques of Trump and his supporters are having an impact beyond the election. In the first presidential election since Russell Moore became the leading evangelical voice in Washington, America saw more of him than ev

I'm On the Lookout for the Next Great Christian Novel

A CT fiction judge’s challenge to evangelical writers and publishers. Dear Christian novelists and publishers: For several years CT has asked me to serve as the preliminary fiction judge for the annual book awards. This means that every August,

Christianity Today’s 2017 Book of the Year

The release that best embodies our pursuit of Beautiful Orthodoxy. The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ Fleming Rutledge (Eerdmans) “Fleming Rutledge has always had a reputation for bold, relentlessly scriptural, and Cross-c

Scorcese’s ‘Silence’ Asks What It Really Costs to Follow Jesus

Martin Scorsese adapts Shusaku Endo’s acclaimed novel about faith, mission, and suffering. It’s been 28 years since Martin Scorsese ruffled the feathers of many Christians with the controversial Last Temptation of Christ, a film condemned by

Kirsten Powers: Becoming a Christian Ruined My Love of Christmas

But then I learned to see the beauty of Christ’s coming like never before. In my unorthodox childhood, Christmas was as an oasis of normalcy. It was the one day of the year I could count on some sort of harmony in my divided family. At age five, my

Christianity Today's 2017 Book Awards

Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture. Make a list of all the blessings the Protestant Reformation has brought, and eventually—long after jotting down iconic phrases like “salvation by grace a

When Christmas Meets the ‘Umbrage Industry’

If history is any guide, there’s no escaping the hostilities that erupt every December. There is no easier way for politicians or pundits to rally the base this time of year than hyping the “War on Christmas” by liberal elites. Donald T

Five Errors to Drop from Your Christmas Sermon

If you want to help people see Christmas with fresh eyes, start by dropping these familiar fallacies. Pastors, preachers, and Bible teachers: Have you thought about your Christmas sermon or lesson yet? If you want to help people celebrate Christmas t