Jimmy Carter at Liberty Is 2018’s Most Surprising Yet Hopeful Commencement Speaker

How the president on the other side of the Moral Majority ended up invited to its unofficial headquarters. Former President Jimmy Carter has accepted an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday. Many will view

How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness

The same Spirit that descended on the disciples at Pentecost empowers our devotion to God. My grandmother was part of a Holiness Pentecostal church. That meant—among many wonderful things—that they believed in entire sanctification. It wa

Good News, Satan Wants to Destroy You!

It may sound weird, but knowing we have an enemy is encouraging. The gospel is full of odd comforts. Discovering I’m afflicted with depravity brings the relief of the doctor’s diagnosis: “There is something wrong with me. It’s

Spanning the Great Schism Between Evangelical and Orthodox Christians

Efforts to unite Christianity’s branches bear fruit. Four years ago in Istanbul, a humble Turkish book partially reversed the 11th century’s Great Schism. Catholics joined Eastern and Oriental Orthodox—alongside Protestants—to pub

Sunday Church Services Are Not About You

Six tangible ways congregations can shift their gatherings from me to us. I grew up during America’s Moral Majority years, when putting an ichthus on your business card would up your professional game. In an era when group belonging seemed a fo

J. D. Greear Transformed His Church Through Missions. Can He Do the Same for the Southern Baptist Convention?

The SBC presidential candidate wants to rejuvenate his denomination through missions. Update: Greear was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention on June 12. J. D. Greear falls somewhere between two of his heroes, Martin Luther and Nicola

Why You Can’t Just ‘Give Them the Gospel’

Understanding the relationship between gospel and culture is vital for evangelism Christians believe that the gospel is universal and normative for all peoples at all times and in all places. But we often forget that the gospel is not acultural, as i

The Family Feud that Changed the Shape of Christian Higher Education

What makes a college “evangelical” or “fundamentalist?” The dividing lines weren’t always so clear. Let’s say you attended Wheaton College, Gordon College, or Biola University. Or perhaps you’re an outsider who just thinks highl

Rwanda Is 95 Percent Christian. So Why Is It Shutting Down Thousands of Churches?

The state of faith in the East African country nearly 25 years after its brutal genocide. Over the past two months, authorities have closed more than 7,000 churches across Rwanda for failing to comply with health, safety, and noise regulations. As CT